Engages in Urban Design work
The Urbanitarium navigates the complexity of the multilayered urban context through urban innovation and forward thinking across multiple design systems.
Urbanitarium is backed up by Urbanitarian, the world’s leading community-based, data-driven archive of urban design projects and resources.
Urbanitarium is set up on a business model that engages on a ‘Future as a Service’ basis building on a world-class awarded portfolio of urbanism work at the international scale, exceeding 30 projects.
Urbanitarian is the world's leading community-based, scalable, didactic, free, open, and comprehensive dataset and archive of urban design projects and resources. Urbanitarian is a result of the observation and recognition of the assets required to design meaningful urban spaces. As a platform, we seek to aid designers and stakeholders in better understanding the urban environments of today in order to craft the urban realms of tomorrow. The platform is a resource bank for any person interested in shaping urban environments.